Welcome To Easy Website Ideas in a British Accent

Firstly, a few words about other blogs, guides and expert gurus who try to pitch you successful website ideas that are “guaranteed to work” – Forget about them.

Welcome to

We are a blog founded by real online entrepreneurs who have both written for and published the work of some of the best authors on the Internet.

A place you can stop by any time to learn real website strategies and get the job done on your own home base.

From ProBlogger to HuffPost, Forbes to Entrepreneur Magazine, USAToday to IndiaToday, we have worked with the best content creators across several niches.

Secondly, ever have a few too many coffees and start speaking to your team in a slightly British accent? No? Ok then…

Thirdly, why this blog? We bring you this simple blog to share members only tips on what websites/blogs work (and don’t work) in today’s uber cometitive environemnt.

The goal?

Our goal is to help you start a website (or blog) where you share your best work starting today — whether you’re a lover or writing, a full-blown entrepreneur, a rogue corporate employee, whatever — and never look back.

Who Are We?

We are a team of blogging fanatics who collectively have over 20+ years of online marketing experience.

Founder – Greg Narayan

Social Media Manager – Cori Leigh

Videographer – Christa Grace

Who Are You?

You are, I’m assuming (not to make an ass out of you and me) someone who’s looking to start a blog, learn WordPress, learn the field of internet marketing, or generally sharper your skills when it comes to managing and succeeding with your own website/blog.

What Can You Gain Here?

Well, no false promises. You won’t win a million dollars by reading these articles or get a cute puppy delivered (though we love ASPCA for that adopt don’t shop).

You will get truly honest, down to earth and easily digestable advice to help you create and run your website, choose time-tested and profitable amazing website ideas, launch your blog, and all sorts of juicy advice to help you leap ahead of the pack in your niche right away.

What Do To Next?

Well, we’d love if you said hello in the comments on a blog post!

You should also join our engaging Facebook Group.

And for video tutorials check out the YouTube channel.

We are an affiliate site belonging to DearBlogger Inc. so if you dig that brand, then you’ll probably find more of the same here 🙂

3 replies on “Welcome To Easy Website Ideas in a British Accent”

Hi there EWI! I am so excited to have found a simple Bluehost wordpress install like yours.

I’ll be going through these steps to install wordpress after I get home from work tonight (ideally before dinner!)

My question is, is the cost of $3.95 the best deal available it setup Bluehost website hosting? Does Bluehost offer any coupons?

I’m just always looking for a money saver, even though I now Bluehost’s prices are really low for a great service!

Thanks all!!


Hi Vicki!

So Bluehost doesn’t do coupons – they know they have a great service and don’t want to dilute the brand by offering discounts because as they’ve told me it’s already discounted and they give us so much.

Blah blah blah.

That said – did you think I wouldn’t have a discount option for you? 🙂

So to get the best discount at Bluehost aka a Bluehost coupon from me to you, you’ll want to:

Use our link here (visit Bluehost) so you know you’re on the right page (also gives me credit, thank you!)
1. Click on Select on a plan
2. Enter your domain name or say use a domain you own
3. Then on the next screen, just move your mouse towards the X in your browser tab and you should see this screen:

bluehost special signup offer

3. So just click on “Claim Savings”

Now, you’ll get an awesome 66% off your order which is the best Bluehost discount available anywhere.

It’s just something I wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on, because I know setting up a blog or website on your first go at it doesn’t feel cheap sometimes!


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