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Signing Up with Bluehost & Installing

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Looking to start your blog the way every professional blogger recommends? Then this guide is for you.

Hey guys it’s Greg and I know blogging seems like so much work to begin but has been making it easy for professional bloggers in every blog niche for years now.

Joining is often one of the best decisions in a blogger’s career, it certainly was for me when I migrated Blogspot to WordPress.

But before you can start blogging you need to do a couple steps to register your domain name and hosting at a top provider like – exactly the steps this guide focuses on!

If that peaks your interest and you want to learn how to make a blog that can change your entire life, then keep reading!

install wordpress bluehost graphic

Bluehost is the perfect place to start a WordPress blog. They offer us a free domain name, make it all easy and beginner proof, and have a 100% risk free 45 day money back guarantee so you can try for free.

So let’s see how to get your domain and hosting then install WordPress – then you can join 1000s of other bloggers enjoying the freedom of a blog lifestyle!

Disclosure: EasyWebsiteIdeas may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. Thanks for your support!

Step 1: Go To

One of the oldest web hosts founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton at Brigham Young University, Bluehost now hosts the most WordPress sites of any hosting company.

To begin, simply visit

information iUse this link ↗ to get our latest Bluehost discounts updated daily, including a free domain (in your first year).

You will be welcomed by this page, stylish as usual in true Bluehost fashion:
bluehost homepage

If you’re happy with what you see so far, let’s continue. Please hover on WordPress and click on “WordPress Hosting” so you can go to the next step, which is step 2.

choose wordpress hosting from menu

The WordPress Hosting gets you everything the normal “Basic” plan on the Bluehost homepage gets you, but this WordPress version gives you more for the same price, like $200 Adwords credit.

It’s like saying yes to getting free coupons at the coffee shop and I always like my new blogs to be as powerful as they can from the start.

However if you prefer to choose the normal Basic plan for whatever reason, the steps below will be exactly the same.

So now you’ll be on this page now:

Click on Choose Plan and it will take you about half way down the page. Nice work.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Plan

Note: When choosing your first hosting plan, always keep functionality in mind. What is your website’s goal?

In other words, if you’re build a small blog website or even a medium sized magazine site to features 10-20 authors (just as long as you’re not building the next Facebook) you don’t need to get the big mama of all hosting plans.

Aka, don’t over spend!

Whatever you goals are, it’s good to think of how much functionality you need right now (because you can always upgrade later on).

For this Bluehost WordPress install, we’ll opt for the “Basic WordPress Hosting” shared hosting plan which is highlighted in red below.

bluehost choose wordpress basic plan

Basic WordPress Hosting is the same price as the original “Basic” plan at Bluehost, however it comes with some upgrades out of the box, like $200 credit to Adwords and automatic WordPress upgrades. That makes this option the perfect choice if you’re just starting out, but also want a little head start with advanced features to make your site more powerful right away. No need to waste your hard earned money on anything more at the moment.

If you’re curious about shared hosting (a.k.a shared server) it’s the most commonly used and most affordable option for beginners.

When we sign up for once of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans, we won’t have to worry about any techie stuff, unless you want to.

For your reference though:

Read the list of Bluehost’s web hosting features if you want a deeper dive into what they offer you.

Step 3: Grab Your Domain Name

After selecting your plan, the next step presented to you is to grab a domain which is also your website’s address.

This is easily the part of our Bluehost WordPress install that can take the longest, so I’ve got some hints for you below this image.

get domain for bluehost website

To reinforce what you’re probably already thinking:

You domain should be as short and simple as possible. Two words are BEST: think “FaceBook, YouTube, NetFlix, HomeDepot, TripAdvisor, DearBlogger, DealDash, StubHub”. The list is endless of brands that capitalized to the tune of millions on the two-word-domain-name!

Still stuck? Follow these basic domain name DOs and DON’Ts:

  1. Always keep her short and simple
  2. No hyphens dashes or symbols
  3. is always good
  4. 1-2 keywords will help you rank in Google
  5. The .com is most recognizable and profitable

If you aren’t ready to pick a domain name yet Bluehost has you covered, you can always read these steps on how to assign a domain name later on if you choose to pick a domain later on.

Here’s one of many real domains we got at Bluehost:

If you already have a domain name you previously registered, just enter it in the “Use a domain you own” box.

Step 4: Fill on Your Basic Details

The next step in our Bluehost WordPress install is simply to fill in the basic required information. The information you’ll need to provide is your first name, last name, country, street address, city, state (if applicable), zip code, phone number and your email address.

Please note that details and receipt for your installation will be sent to the email address you provide.

You don’t need to enter a business name.

choose bluehost plan

Step 5: Check Your Package Information and Package Extras then Finish the Registration

The next step is to scroll on down and check your package information. My first hosting order was for 12 months, which has served me very well. Do take a look at the addons that are included by default. You can uncheck all of them if you’d like (I recommend unchecking all of them).

package information and extras

Here’s what to consider:

Domain Privacy Protection: Costs $0.99/month (billed annually at $11.88). Adding Domain Privacy + Protection masks your personal information from the whois database, which is publicly visible to anyone on the internet. Easily protect your personal contact information from marketers, spammers, and unwanted solicitation by adding Domain Privacy + Protection.

SiteLock Security: Costs $1.99/mo (billed annually at $23.88)  SiteLock automatically scans your website for malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed. Verifies your email address, phone number, and physical address for customers if you plan to create an eCommerce website.

CodeGuard Basic: Costs $2.99/mo (billed to the end of your hosting term). This lets you back up your site regularly, basically making it easy to revert back to a previous save if you make a mistake.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start: This feature runs you an extra $2.99/mo (billed annually at $23.88/hr). Bluehost says this tool will help with your Search rankings aka make you rank higher in Google.

1 Office 365 Mailbox: This package extra comes free for 30 days, but we all know how free trials work. It’s reliable and safe email provided by Microsoft.

The bottom line? Each one of these extras can be setup for free using a plugin or hack. For example you can accomplish what Bluehost SEO Tools Start gets you by installing Yoast SEO for free, which is what most professional blogs use. I’m happy to explain all my hacks to you in the comments!

payment options pay with paypal at bluehost

Take note that the amount you’ll be charged will be billed annually. You might be surprised that your monthly cost of for example $3.95 is already discounted, this price already reflects a discount.

Step 6: Getting The Best Bluehost Discount / Coupon for this Bluehost WordPress Install?

Get another discount eh? Well, Bluehost has actually never offered coupon codes, but that won’t stop us from getting you a better discount than the rest of the pack. If you want the discount (and we can assume you do, unless you don’t like money) you can move your mouse to the edge of the screen and see if Bluehost will show you the “before you go” discount. Like this:

bluehost special signup offer

Click Claim Savings and you’ll get an additional discount!

Make sure to use this link to activate it and make sure you get to all the correct pages.

Note: I’m actually not supposed to show you about this additional discount, but I’ve been in your shoes, so hope you enjoy it.

fine print at bluehost
Read the fine print at Bluehost before making your final decision.

Back to business, Bluehost has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can get your money back if you don’t like your blog.

But this doesn’t apply to the domain name. So while you get a free domain at Bluehost, if you do cancel the hosting, they will deduct the cost of your domain name from your reimbursement.

Once you’ve completed setup (click Submit) then you’ll be greeted with this nice confirmation page:

bluehost your purchase was a success screen

Click on Create Account, and your next steps are a breeze. Congrats, you are now a member of Bluehost!

Step 7: Get Your WordPress Settings Perfect

bluehost wordpress setup collage

Create Password, click Create Account, go to login, then login 🙂

Next, it’s time to enter some WordPress info. Enter your Site Title (Which you can change whenever you want), a tagline (like a slogan), then check add a blog so your blog posts are stored on a blog page, and check online store if you want WooCommerce installed right away (this last checkbox is optional; the WooCommerce plugin can be installed at any time for free).

bluehost lets create a website graphic

Bluehost might ask a little more about you (they are like really trying to be your new best friend here).

Next you will find yourself in the Themes page. Click Skip this Step because all these themes are available from within your WordPress dashboard and you’ll likely need more time to decide on your favorite theme.

bluehost pick a theme skip this step

Plus, the default WordPress 2020 theme which you’ll get installed automatically with your new blog rocks (as you can see!)

Step 8: Bluehost Dashboard

Okay, once you Skip that step on the themes page you will be taken to your Bluehost Dashboard homepage – Welcome!

This is a major hurray in the Bluehost WordPress installation process, so congratulations.

Close and say no thanks to any pop ups that come up.

Next we have to adjust your domain just a little.

As you can see on my screen below there are some numbers and a “temp” in the domain name. Let’s change that!

bluehost change temp domain

If Bluehost gives you a temp domain that looks like this, it’s simply a testing area, and we need to update it with your real domain.

To change that temp domain, click on My Sites, then Manage Site.

bluehost manage sites

Then click on Settings, then enter in your domain name again on the line that says Site URL, and lastly Save Updates.

bluehost my sites url change

Now you’re finally done with all these little steps of our Bluehost WordPress install, and you’re ready to login and start a-bloggin’!

Step 9: Logging into WordPress

Now let’s get you into your new blog!

You can either visit to login like most of us do on the go, or you can login through your Bluehost Dashboard.

logging into wordpress through bluheost

bluehost rocket man

Once the spaceship man takes you to your dashboard, you can click on your Site Title (right by the home icon) to go from Back End to Front End of your new site.

backend vs front end how to get there wordpress

Step 10: Steps to Launch

In order to launch you’ll need a good theme, a few blog posts and maybe even a couple pages too.

I prefer building everything from scratch, however you can also install premade WordPress templates.

If you get Elementor page builder, or Divi, or Astra theme, they each come with plenty of free premade WordPress templates you just click to activate and your site looks good right away.

Let’s see how you would install Astra theme – or any new theme for that matter.

install new theme and launch wordpress website

#1) Click on Appearance

#2) Click on Themes

#3) Click on a theme to preview it. When you are ready to actually change your theme, click on Install then Activate.

#4) At the top there is a Coming Soon Active button. This means you can see your new theme, but anyone else who is not logged in will just see a default coming soon page. To take down this coming soon page, and launch your site to the world, click on this button then on the next screen click Launch your site. 

You did it! You successfully created a WordPress blog!

Better get those blog posts rolling out soon for your new visitors!

Blogging Definitions, FAQ and Glossary to Compliment Your Bluehost WordPress Install

What does Blogging mean?

Blogging refers to the act of writing from a personal website about topics the author finds interesting or appropriate for their own unique audience.

Who are Bloggers? Bloggers are those who create a blog and maintain a blog. This group refers to blog owners who network with other likeminded “Bloggers” in order to create a collective online community of small-scale writers.

How do you Create A Blog?

In order to create a blog you can visit a free blogging site like, or where you will login and manage blog with limited control of the blog design and functionality. Alternatively, many bloggers have now chosen to make a self hosted blog where they control all the contents, writing, functions and more. In order to create a self hosted blog one must simply register a domain name, setup hosting (often times at the same registrar) then intstall software which creates the blog. Of course, this Bluehost WordPress install guide is a good bet to get started on the right foot!

What is the Blogosphere?

This term refers to the larger community of blogs interconnected or not to make up a growing landscape of writers and Internet marketers found primarily on the Internet.

Where do Bloggers blog?

Bloggers most often blog on their own blogs, however it has become increasingly common for bloggers to guest blog, guest publish or even ghost blog for other blog as well.

What makes a Blog different from a website?

A blog is a place of personal thought, opinion and discussion often controlled by one leading author while a website is a place which offers information of all kinds (including blogs) but which does not have the obvious control of one author.

Can you start a Blog for free?

You can start a blog for free on free blog hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix and more.

What is the best Blogging Platform?

Over 34% of the Internet’s top 10 million websites including over 40% where there is a CMS (content management system) use some form of WordPress. Most professional bloggers will tell you they use and swear by, and that’s not nearly as hard as beginners first think to setup and maintain.

Can you make a blog on Google?

You can both make a blog and register a domain through Google Domains.

How do Bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid via a large variety of online income methods. The top bloggers of 2019 earn money through advertising, affiliate marketing, eBooks, email newsletters, and public events.

Is Blogging still relevant in 2019?

Over 100,000 new blogs start each day making blogging even more relevant in 2019 than ever before. The longer you wait to start a blog the less change you will be relevant as so many other bloggers will also (based on sheer probability) start blogs like yours.

How can I create a blog for free?

You can create a free blog using any number of free blog hosting sites. But user beware, it is very difficult to migrate away from free blog hosting sites when you want to create a more professional look for your blog.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

The average cost of starting a self hosted WordPress blog is $5/mo. However, using a webhost like Bluehost, total beginners are able to start a blog for just $3.95/mo along with a free domain name.

How do beginner blogs make money?

To make money from a blog is not easy, therefore new blogs must fight the good fight any other blog that’s now making millions had to once fight. The best ways to make money blogging on a new blog are to post Google Adsense ads, publish sponsored posts, recommend one’s own theme to others, create a newsletter for free which promotes products, and generally do activities which require low overhead costs but can create substantial returns from even smaller, loyal audiences.

Who is the highest paid blogger?

The highest paid blogger of 2019 was a man name Syed Balhi who runs This blogger has been around blogging since the early 2000s and now owns many popular WordPress sites and plugins that form the core of our beloved blogosphere.

Are there any free blog sites?

Yes there are of course free blog sites, you just have to do a simple Google search for free blog sites and pick your favorite.

Where can I blog online for free?

The best places which can yield that largest return on investment are and However, what most newbie bloggers don’t know, is that is also 100% free to use and setup. However because is it’s own downloadable software from the internet (like Microsoft Word) you must setup a domain name a webhosting in order to connect to the Internet and share your blog with the world.

What should I blog about ideas?

The best ideas for blogging are those you can write about each and every day while not getting tired of these blogging topics. You must have the passion to write, and not grow tired, thus most professional bloggers have found the bloggers who write about their greatest passions which also interest with the world’s greatest unfulfilled needs are the most successful bloggers.

What are the most popular blog topics?

The most popular blogging topics of 2019 were real estate, finance, blogging itself, gardening, home improvement, budget fashion and technology.

What are good topics for blogs?

The best topics for blogs are those which the largest audiences of newbies need information on. Several topics on blogging are already saturated, so it’s wise to consult with established bloggers and also ask Google resources before you start a blog.

Which type of blog is most popular?

The most popular types of blogs are those which connect on a deep, personal level to their audiences. Any new bloggers can achieve this effect by writing from the heart, writing regularly, and writing with purpose.

How do I choose a blog name?

The best way to choose a blog name is to register a simple yet memorable domain name. 2-syllable domain names have a knack for working the best, think HomeDepot, NetFlix, Facebook, YouTube. If you cannot register your first or second choice for a domain name, then it’s smart to choose your as the name of your blog. Surprisingly to many beginners who would rather blog behind a blog alias, the first name + last name combination is actually one of the best branding strategies to establish an honest presence online that’s built to last for success.

We’re here to help you create a WordPress blog and do anything else you might want to do! Join the DearBlogger community for two free eBooks with answers to common FAQ.

Also, get used to engaging others by just posting a simple comment here with a little love. Taking little steps to get going is what it’s all about! Talk to you soon!

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Hi! That was super helpful and I have my new blog up and running with Bluehost. The learning curve is tough but I’m at my desk each morning plugging away and having some fun even. Thanks for your detailed guide steps especially with the temp domain switch after we install WordPress at Bluehost. Why do you think they have a temp domain thing now? Will be back for more tutorials!

Hi there Kim! Thanks for writing. I’m so excited to be a small part of your blogging journey which I’m sure will be grand!

The temp domains are setup because Bluehost doesn’t always know if your domain comes from another registrar or not (you’d think they would though). So they give you that temp domain so that you can work on your site right away, where as in the old days you would have to change your nameservers and let them propogate before you could actually work on your new wordpress website which I have seen take some people up to 3 days.

So, it’s really a service Bluehost provides out of convenience 🙂

Hope that helps!


Sooo I managed to sign up for I was a bit excited and just got that one. No I am all face palm because it seems professional bloggers prefer the which you setup here?

How can I move my little blog from to (I have a few posts and don’t want to spend that time again!)

Thanks You!!


Greetings Ramón! Thanks for your comment. Yes, most professional bloggers these days prefer which we use in this guide because it’s the most flexible, you can make money blogging however you’d like, you can edit the code, get 1000+ themes and plugins, I could go on forever.

That said, is fun too.

If you’d like to migrate WordPress, I hope you can watch this video where we migrate/transfer a real blog and all it’s content from to

There’s also a decent guide at WordPress’ site:

Cheers man!

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