GoDaddy $1 Hosting Coupon Released for 2021 (with Free Domain Deal)

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For almost 4 years we’ve been urging GoDaddy via Twitter and email to update their web hosting dashboard (view walkthrough on YouTube) where you’d typically install WordPress.

Well it appears someone at GoDaddy listened!

On December 12th, 2020, GoDaddy rolled out a totally revamped WordPress hosting dashboard with an automatic WordPress install.

new godaddy hosting dashboard
Get a full tour of the new GoDaddy dashboard in our latest GoDaddy WordPress tutorial on YouTube.

Once of the most exciting announcements is the $1 GoDaddy WordPress hosting coupon they’ve released to go along with their new updated infrastructure. 

Let’s see how you can take advantage of the new best GoDaddy coupon offer!

godaddy geo locator for increased speed
GoDaddy now lets you choose where you servers are located (like a free CDN) for optimal speed.

GoDaddy Offer Details

So with the advent of their most recent GoDaddy hosting update, you can get your WordPress site automatically installed, but that’s only the beginning:

GoDaddy’s $1 WordPress hosting coupon offer gives you:

  • Free business email (1st year)
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Free domain ($34.99/yr value)
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • Automatic WordPress install (so no coding on your part)
  • 50+ Free WordPress themes once you’re inside your dash
  • Ability to keep your domain name and hosting at the same place
  • View list of features screenshot below

Our favorite part of this new hosting is probably the 50+ free WordPress themes, categorized based on website niches like Art & Design, Real Estate, Restaurants and Food, Professional Services, Health & Fitness, Home Services and more.

This means that for the very first time you can create a niche website right out of the box with a GoDaddy exclusive WordPress demo template!

All you have to do is replace the demo content with your own images, text etc and you’re good to go live!

If you’re excited about the $1 WordPress coupon offer deal at GoDaddy and ready to start your website now with a free domain, check out our complete GoDaddy WordPress tutorial below:

How Does the $1 GoDaddy Coupon Compare to Other GoDaddy Deals?

Well the current best deal before this release was the 50% off web hosting deal at GoDaddy.

However the GoDaddy 50% off deal only offers you a great deal on the more deluxe hosting plans (like the Deluxe, Ultimate or Ecommerce plans) but fails to give you a free domain, which most of our readers want.

So in terms of being the best coupon deal at GoDaddy, the $1 hosting deal(s) really takes the cake for the forseeable future in 2020.

What’s the, DEALS you said?

What is the Difference Between $1 WordPress Hosting and $1 Web Hosting?

Interestingly enough, GoDaddy also now offers a $1 Web Hosting deal alongside their $1 WordPress Hosting Deal.

So how are the two deals different and what do you get for each one?

Let’s compare in a side by side image comparison:

basic hosting wordpress godaddy plan
Basic Managed WordPress $1 GoDaddy Coupon Deal
economoy hosting godaddy plan
Economy Web Hosting $1 GoDaddy Deal

While I know it’s confusing how the WordPress deal on the left is called a “Basic” plan and the Web Hosting deal on the right is called “best for a basic site” let me try and simplify:

Both $1 WordPress hosting deal and $1 Web Hosting deal offer a free domain, and free email.

Both plans also offer unmetered bandwidth, free malware scans and backups (even if these features are itemized).

The main difference is the $1 WordPress Hosting plan gives you access to 50+ free GoDaddy designed WordPress demo site templates. It’s a easier, less techie feel because it is Managed WordPress.

On the other hand, the $1 Web Hosting plan gives you much more storage memory of 100GB and renews at a lesser prices ($8.99/mo vs $9.99/mo after 1 year).

Best Choice for Your New Website Venture

So, if you’re a professional WordPress blog who wants a slightly faster WordPress install, along with more free demo site templates where you can simply replace your content and go live, then you’re best off with the $1 Managed WordPress hosting plan at GoDaddy.

However, if you’re a budding web designer, who wants to host larger websites and get access to a cPanel plus slightly lower monthly costs, then get the $1 Web Hosting plan at GoDaddy.

Conclusion: You Really Can’t Go Wrong

Both of these two GoDaddy deals we’ve covered here are much better than any deals we saw in the past, so you’re going to get an edge on other GoDaddy users (and users at other web hosts who pay higher prices) either way.

You can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision at GoDaddy, because they’ve finally made a big and timely investment in their hosting services and will be a major player in the coming decade in the WordPress and web hosting arena.

Questions, comments, tips? Please let us know in the comments below!

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