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How To Transfer WordPress from Bluehost to SiteGround Hosting and Migrate Your Content (Great Idea for 2020!)

If you want to transfer WordPress from Bluehost to SiteGround hosting and migrate all your content — Welcome! You’re in the right place.

To start with a little migration inspiration, I thought I’d share a story: 3 weeks ago my friend who runs an online publishing company emailed me upset with how Bluehost had treated her, their prices, everything was going wrong. We got on a Google Hangout call and I vowed to help her. Do you know how long SiteGround migration took us?

We successfully migrated her site to a SiteGround GoGeek plan in under 2 days. That’s the story 🙂 3 years of pain at a bad web host solved in 2 days!

Life is short, migrate. In a nutshell, we saved Nicole a ton of money, increased page speed, beefed up security (with a free SSL and backups) and overall found her website a cozier home.

Nicole can now relax and focus on selling eBooks and courses and managing the huge community of publishers she loves.

Now I’m getting more questions than ever (which I love!) on how to switch from SiteGround to Bluehost so I figured I’d write you guys a complete SiteGround migration guide with all new graphics so you can follow along easily and move your hosting too – it’s seriously an amazing idea!

Why You Should Migrate Hosting to SiteGround Today

Here at we actually love Bluehost for bloggers just starting out and love SiteGround for advanced bloggers and websites, folks who do it for their business, etc etc.

Other great reasons to transfer WordPress from Bluehost to SiteGround include:

  1. SiteGround has been growing rapidly in popularity from 2016-2019
  2. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL which is super easy to install
  3. Free SiteGround optimizer plugin for even more speed
  4. They have an amazing support team
  5. Perhaps most importantly, average WordPress websites consistently load with page speeds of < 2 secs on Pingdom, which is GREAT for SEO.

As per point #5, please see this comment a fan posted:

transfer bluehost to siteground speed increased

To put this in layman’s terms: 1.8 or any page load time under 2 seconds is highly desirable for all of us ever since Google made page load speed a big criteria in Search rankings. Faster page load speed = happier Google = more traffic = more ways to make money blogging for you.

Even though Bluehost is officially the #1 WordPress recommended web host, SiteGround will likely be surpassing them soon.

What Does SiteGround Migration Cost?

At SiteGround WordPress migrations are free.

You can request a free SiteGround professional migration for new GrowBig and GoGeek plans. If you get a StartUp plan you’ll need to do a manual plugin migration (also free and easy, I’ve use this method 4 times now).

Domain migrations do cost a $14.95 service fee, but SiteGround will give you a free year on the domain.

Their plans don’t confuse people – SiteGround simply gives you all the quality and power of a dedicated plan for one simple price of $3.95/mo.

transfer wordpress from bluehost to siteground

EWI Migration Tip: I am also offering a full SiteGround migration service for an affordable fee if you’re busy or simply prefer a hands-off approach where an expert will migrate for you. All you have to do is setup your new SiteGround account. Then I’ll take care of the migration, domain details, and support tickets plus I’ll provide you with a 3-part video series on every step we did in case you’d like to replicate it in the future. If this service interests you, I can slot you in right away, please email me with subject like “Expert Migration Service” and we’ll get you going! (Typically takes 1-week to complete)

So, back to the migration we just completed, my very first step was actually to contact SiteGround support and ask them the exact steps to transfer hosting from Bluehost to SiteGround (so I could explain them before we began to my client, Nicole).