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February 2020 Bloggers Giveaway at EWI!

To enter just Log In with Facebook or Use Your Email, which will reveal more ways to enter and get points, then choose your favorite ways to get +1 or more entries.

And… here it is! Good Luck! This giveaway is live until Feb 29th, 2019 at midnight.

(Content below from Nov 2019)

We’ve partnered up with RafflePress to bring your our First Giveaway for Thanksgiving 2019!

Okay all I did was buy RafflePress, but it’s such a cool app it feels like a partnership 🙂

So the first giveaway is for some sleek new AirPod Pros (with the new little earpiece) which are a $249 value.

Giveaway is over: Congrats to our winner, Christina B!

You heard right, there will be 2nd and 3rd giveaways.

Think free Starbucks coffee.

So, just like with shopping, why not get started early and enter?! It’s free after all and all you need to do is refer this page to a friend to enter, and unlock more entires!

The prizes be your first Christmas present for you or a friend 🙂

P.S. I know this question will be asked so the how refer a friend works with RafflePress is you just need to send out your custom link to Facebook, Twitter etc or email it to a friend (best option in my opinion). Once they click it, your friend just needs to Log In and enter in some way (like visiting our Facebook Group counts) and you’ll get +5 entries for referring them. Your friend does not need to refer a friend (though that counts too!). Please let me know any questions whatsoever!

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While you’re here, also have a look at Nicole’s new course on How To Make Money from Medium!

Holiday Cheers!

One reply on “February 2020 Bloggers Giveaway at EWI!”

Hi again Greg!

This is such a neat opportunity for us bloggers. We get to learn how to blog through your free videos and now can win prizes too. What comes next!

I’ve been checking out a lot of giveaways this season (cool one at WPBeginner too!) so I’ve obviously entered yours. Should replace my old iPod headphones from about 2000.

Thanks for helping in our other comments as well!


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